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For five weeks in 1995 Silvina Landsmann’s camera followed the daily goings in a suburbian Paris Junior High School, which also runs a Professional Education Program (SEGPA). Through close observation of the daily routine in both standard and professional programs, Landsmann sketches a harsh picture of today’s schools, serving as a microcosmus of our society.

France | 133 minutes | 1998

Festivals & Awards

Grand Prix des Ecrans documentaires - 1998

Cinéma du Rèel - 1998

Semaine du Cinéma Ethnographique - 1998

and more...

 Landsmann sketches a harsh picture of today’s schools; the school as an institution grooming tomorrow’s generation of maintenance people. Teeming with inequality and submission, the school is depicted as a microcosm of current global social, economic and political processes.”

(Sigal Eshed, Studio Art Magazine, March 2000)

"A relentless radiography of the institution Intermediary School (College), that reflects in mirror the state of our society: authoritarian, unequal, crippled with conventions, certainties and false pretense.Worse: without imagination nor listening to aspirations.”

(Olivier Joyard, CAHIERS DU CINEMA 1999)

Director & Camera: Silvina Landsmann

Producers: Pierre Olivier Bardet & Silvina Landsmann
Editor: Charlotte Tourres

Sound: Guillaume Valeix, Jerome Thiault, Christophe Allaphilippe,

Frédéric Bouvier, Getty Felin

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