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This movie is available for free for individual and private screenings only. For Festivals and public screenings, or for other subtitled versions (French and Spanish) please contact us at:

The public maternity hosts women from all social classes, of every religion and origin, of different age and family situation. In this institution that may sometimes seem like a factory, different private worlds manage to subsist behind closed curtains or around the dining table. The film inquires how intimacy survives the alienated space of the hospital.


Israel | 66 minutes | 2005

Festivals & Awards

Cinema du Rèel - 2005

Darom Film Festival - 2005

Sans Canal Fixe - 2006 

Goteborg Film Festival - 2006 

Women’s Film Festival - 2005

WorldFilm, Tartu Festival of Visual Culture - 2006 

Beeld voor Beeld - 2006

and more...

“Few things stimulate the brain like a good documentary. This small Israeli movie about a maternity ward in Tel Aviv is no exception ... With limited means, she manages to remind us of life’s biggest mystery: How a child suddenly exists."
(Goteborgs Posten 2006)

“From an extended shoot at a Tel Aviv maternity ward, Silvina Landsmann brought back a film of exceptional richness and emotional power. In the manner of Frederick Wiseman, she succeed to turn this public, and at once private place, an ideal point of observation to feel the pulse of society."
(Images documentaries 54, 2005)

Director & Producer: Silvina Landsmann
Editor: Lior Elefant
Idea & script: Alma Ganihar
Camera: Silvina Landsmann
Sound: Shiri Bar-On, Keren Finkelshtein

Produced for chanel 8, Israel

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