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A documentary about a man and a place, a sculptor and the land that nourishes him. It’s a journey of discovery of hidden and unrevealed stories of the civilizations that lived throughout the years at the region of Lachish, Israel, his homeland.


Israel | 60 minutes | 2007

Festivals & Awards

Grand Prize Ateliers d’Art de France - 2010

Fifav - International Film Festival on Clay and Glass - 2010

Buffalo Niagara Film Festival - 2009  

International Film Festival “Jewish Motifs” - 2008
Sole e Luna Doc Festival - 2007

Darom Film Festival - 2007

and more...

Director and Camera: Silvina Landsmann

Producer: Smadar Timor & Noa Karavan – Cohen

Editor: Lior Elefant

Sound: Idan Shemesh, Tully Hen

Sound design: Tully Hen 
Sound Editing & Mix: Yossi Appelbaum, DB Post Productions
Music: Moshe Shek & Yossi Appelbaum
Artistic consulting: David Zundelovitch – “BASIS” School of Sculpture

Supported by The Arkin Family Foundation

A short film in memory of Mosh Shek, a year after his death, created with deleted scenes of "Unto thy Land", in collaboration with two of Moshe Sheks children, Talia and Abi.