An inside look at the work of Breaking the Silence, an organization of former soldiers who collect testimonies of those who served in the Occupied Territories. 
The many hours of footage have been refined into a film that dives into the heart of Breaking the Silence’s work: guided tours of Hebron and the surrounding area, public lectures and house meetings, internal staff meetings and media strategy. All the while the organization is forced to justify its very existence, both internally and to the broader public, and to justify its place in the political debate. The Good Soldier raises questions about Israel’s dynamic mainstream and the challenges of confronting it.

Israel, France, Germany |  87 minutes | 2021

Upcoming Screenings

"The Good Soldier" named in Germany "Silence Breakers", will have its national release in Germany on the 24th of March For Details and dates



World Premiere at the Docaviv Documentary Film Festival, July 2021

DOK Leipzig Documentary and Animated Film Festival - 2021 

Director & Camera: Silvina Landsmann

Producer: Silvina Landsmann, Pierre-Olivier Bardet, Christoph Menardi

Editor: Tal Shefi

Direct Sound: Guy Barkay, Nadir Fleishman, Zohar Cheppa, Sharon Luzon, Tully Chen

Sound designer: Ami Arad
Production Company: Comino Films, Idéale Audience, Neos Film

With the Participation of:
Centre National du Cinéma et de l'image animée
Aide aux Cinémas du Monde
German Federal Film Board - FFA