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This movie is available for free for individual and private screenings only. For Festivals and public screenings, or for other subtitled versions (French, Spanish and Italian) please contact us at:

 Soldier/Citizen is a gritty, bare bones documentary that follows a group of soldiers studying for their civics test to attain their high school diplomas. Israeli civics in the classroom, however, is as volatile as it is in the region. Discussion of the meaning of Israeli democracy instigates old wounds, lingering stereotypes, and soul-searching arguments among these young Israelis.

Israel | 68 minutes | 2012

Festivals & Awards

Berlinale 62 Forum - World Premiere, Special Mention Caligari Film Prize - 2012

Cinemed - Ulysses Award -2012

Medfilm - Open Eyes Award - 2012

Millennium - Human Rights Award - 2013

HotDocs International Film Festival - 2012
DocAviv International Film Festival - 2012
Viennale - 2012

and more...

Director, Camera and Producer: Silvina Landsmann

Executive Producer: Marek Rozenbaum

Editor: Gil Schnaiderovich

Sound: Guy Barkay, Shiri Bar On, Itamar Goldman

Sound design: Yoss Apelbaum

Produced with the help of Cinema project – Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts

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