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HOTLINE gets to the heart of a small NGO based in Tel Aviv, a human rights organization called “Hotline for Refugees and Migrants,” in order to discover its work and the reality revealed through it. 

Israel, France | 100 minutes | 2015

This movie is available for free for individual and private screenings only. For Festivals and public screenings, or for other subtitled versions (French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and German) please contact us at:

Festivals & Awards

Berlinale 65 Forum - World Premiere - 2015 

Jerusalem Film Festival - Best Documentary Film - 2015

Filmer le Travail Film Festival - Grand Prix - 2017

Hong Kong International Film Festival - 2015  

Viennale Viena International Film Festival 2015

Biografilm Competition Italy 2015

Festival du Film de La Rochelle - 2017

and more...

Director & Camera: Silvina Landsmann

Producer: Silvina Landsmann & Pierre-Olivier Bardet

Editor: Silvina Landsmann & Gil Schnaiderovich

Sound: Guy Barkay

Sound designer: Yoss Apelbaum

Produced with the help of Cinema project – Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts

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